Hmmm, not sure where exactly I was going with this or where I ended up exactly, but hey, I enjoyed the journey so that's the main thing right?! I was also way way way out of my "vintage" comfort zone with this one and have used a pic of me in which I am older than 5!!



Designer Digitals

Katie Pertiet - Fall Clusters Brush N Stamps, Vintage Glittered Corners, Ledger Paper pieces, Everyday Inspiration Brush (freebie -reversed), Stamped Stitches No3 Brush N Stamps, Little Bits Alpha, Vintage Flash-Card Alpha No2, Stamped Block No3 Brush N Stamps.

Lynn Grieveson - Large flower from Noteable Blooms and small pink flower (re-coloured) from French Summer Kit.

Anna Aspnes - Spatters from Distressed Tool set No3

Funky Playground
Gren leaves from Happy 2B Stuck with You kit by Kristal Hartley and Marcie Reckinger. Small white flowers form Anne Made's paper pieces Paper flowers.

Jen Wilson - Autumn leaf from Falling in Love kit.

Bit of Notebook paper from a Trish Jones kit (sorry can't for the life of me remember which one...).

Background paper, "portrait" words stamp (altered colour with bits removed and added), and large brush stroke mask all from Fei-fei's Stuff freebies - Different Strokes and Crazy Beautiful.

Juno's Typewritter

Phew... hope I got everything...though I'm sure I haven't!!