Ali Edward's Template (altered a bit),
Stitches by Anna Aspnes,
Paper, word art and leaf swirl from Tracy Ann Digital Art: Designer Frames 1

At first we were disappointed that our much-anticipated field trip to the orchard was cancelled
due to rain. But we regrouped and decided to go explore the area and see what was available.
Being new to this locale, we just drove a bit until we saw a sign for something that looked
interesting. First up was a candy store billboard that promised “Free Samples!” We stopped, we
shopped, and everyone tried a piece of candy before they got to buy their little box to take home
with them. There were words spelled out with fake candies, lots of seasonal items displayed,
and some deeply discounted non-seasonal things that we took advanage of. They even had a
sugar-free sample display so that mom could partake of the day’s deliciousness.

tfl, susan