I'm getting this one printed on canvas to hang in my sons room! I remember the day so clearly and I hold it so dear to my heart. I was carrying little Jacinda at the time. Just passed the first trimester (sick trimester!)

SUPPLIES: (lots of goodies in this one)

* * Crinkle paper from my Engines Ready Kit (this is blended with the main photo)
* * Textured Block from my Textured Block set
* * Jofia Devoe's folded sailboats, tag, cross stitched and tie from her "Kit For A Cold Day" kit
* * Syrin's Loose stitches
* * Paislee Press's ecologie loopie & Pho.tos brush, "Falling for retro" falling leaves and foilage sticker
* * Leaves on a Branch, mesh from 'First Bike Kit'
* * Heart String, Bottle top and sequins from Naturals Kit
* * Silk Leaves, White button, blue sequins, heart stitch, felt heart, floral paper from "My Pet Elephant" kit
* Owl and mushroom stickers from Woodlands park kit
* * Flower from my Naturals kit
* * RicRac tab from my "She's a doll" kit
* * Freebie text frame
* *Sand from Milla Surfs Up elements
* Feis stuff different strokes masks