Kellie and Jackie, you have no idea that you have made history with your Challenge! I’ve been a mother for 26 years now…and for most of them my two children have asked me to tell them about the night I met their father. I have steadfastly refused to do so…with good reason! Your challenge has motivated me to finally grant their wish. (And trust me…this isn’t getting posted ANYWHERE but here!)

Journaling Reads:
You two have asked and asked but I’ve never answered. I guess now that you’re in your 20s it’s time. It was 1972. My friend Mary was desperate for me to meet this new guy in town that she thought was perfect for me. She finally convinced me to join her at a neighborhood bar to judge for myself. It was long past Happy Hour when we got there and Dad was very...uhm...”Happy” by then. Mary introduced us and he looked me over with bleary eyes, smiled slowly and said...”Wow, you’ve got a great set of (insert part of anatomy here). Ewww...what a pig! I couldn’t believe Mary liked this jerk. The next time we encountered each other he attempted to apologize but I wanted nothing to do with him. Weeks later..same bar..I was sitting off at a table feeling very blue because the guy I thought I was in love with had been acting like a real tool all night. Here came the “piggy guy” with two beers in hand. Great..just what I needed. Sheesh! He said “You look like you need a drink..and a friend.” We sat in silence for awhile but he didn’t go away. Then we began to talk. As the night went on I noticed that those eyes were very kind ones when they weren’t bleary. And you know what? He really wasn’t such a pig after fact he was the warmest, kindest guy I ever met. And the they history!

Credits: Katie Pertiet
Doodled Daydreams kit , photo frame from Deckled Edges 2, Between the Lines Borders, Botanist Notebook Vol. 4 Paper Pack , tape-past DD Chat Freebie, Fasteners , Drop Shadow Action Set

Paper tear from Steph Krush of Digital Paper Tearing, Ledger paper and red felt heart from Gina Cabrera

Font: FG Anton