My DS Judson and his new pup.

Tracy Ann Digital Art:
Tagged One,
Details 3 from the September Lucky Dip,
fonts are Baker Script and 1942 report.

Judson had wanted a black lab puppy for quite some time, and
after we moved I thought it would help him settle in, as I
knew he missed his friends. We visited the animal shelter and
saw several lab mix pups there, but his heart was set on a
purebred lab. We looked through the classified ads and made
a few phonecalls. We weren't having any luck finding the
little girl that he just knew
was out there waiting for him,
but there was one last ad for
labs. When I called, the ken-
nel owner answered right away
and apologized that out of
the litter of 9 chocolate,
yellow and black pups, he only
had two female black pups left.
When we got to the kennel,
Judson picked up the little girl that
had a streak of white on her chest. He
knew she was the one. Just to give it a fair chance, I made sure he held
the other pup too, but I could tell his mind was made up. When he put the
second pup down and again held the first pup, she licked his face.

Some things are just meant to be.

tfl, susan