Finished version. Decided to just leave myself & Drowsy in color in the first picture. Also added a stroked outline to the title.

This is me & my "best friend" from the age of 2 1/2. The picture on the left is Christmas '69 & I had traded in my pacifier for the tractor with pedals because, as my mom explained, Santa only brought those to big girls & big girls didn't have passies. In looking at the picture recently, however, I realized that is when I received Drowsy & she actually became the replacement for the passie. She went everywhere with me & most importantly, to bed with me; which was the only time I was allowed to have my pacifier anyway!

Everything is from the challenge pack. Font is Pupcat.
Filed Photo Frames No. 2, Flossy Stitches Black & Paper from Notebook No. 2 (cloned out the lines) for journaling, all by Katie Pertiet.