My DD Amika (Am-ick-ah) just in case you were prounouncing it wrong, which tends to happen, at 20 months, I could have kept writting and writting on this one, when I usually dont do alot of journalling!
Thanks for looking!

Paper, Explore, Catrine
Scalloped Paper, Bloom Kit, Lisa Sisneros
Frame,All tucked in, Kellie Mize
Daisy Lace,Ribbon, Happy Garden Kit, Gina Marie Huff
Ultimate Stitches, Lisa Whitney
Garden Party Alpha 2, Shimmer Tidbits, Have a Heart, Sequins, Staple Its, Pattie Knox
Emellies, Thankyou Kit, Vinnie Pearce
Decorative Safety Pins, Smooth ribbons, Katie Pertiet