OK, found one more ... ;-)

My favorite thing about spring here is the arrival of the barn swallows. We were fortunate to have some nest at our new house this year. But it was not easy getting photos as they nest under the roof overhang. I was tickled to get these.

Thank you for looking.

Journaling: Just as every winter here is heralded by the arrival of Canadian geese, so spring is ushered in by the appearance of the beautifully graceful barn swallow. The first appearance of their swift, darting flight always brings a thrill of hope and joy to me. This year at our new home, our front porch played host to a nest of four baby swallows and their parents. This young fledgling warily eyed my camera as its parents flitted about trying to scare me off. Shortly afterwards, it flew off to seek a new adventure, hopefully to return again to nest at our home next year.

Paraiso Azul Kit (Paper, Stitching Hole Frame), Flocked Birds -- Anna Aspnes
Spring Branches, Messy Stitches, Stamped Stitch Frame -- Katie Pertiet
Layered Template #16 (Tag and Brad), Layered Template #6 (Tab) -- Ali Edwards