I thought I would bring up the "caboose" with my last layout for the Guest CT Contest. Okay…stupid cheesy, but I can't help it, I'm sooo tired! Thanks for looking and for everyone's kind comments this month! This is a picture of me, my MIL, and our diaper bag Smile, and yes, my BABY DAUGHTER elephant trekking in Thailand last month. (I know, I'm a bad mom to put her way up there on an elephant!...but the rocking of the elephant gave her a great nap! LOL!) I feel like this page should be in honor of Sam, since she has fun photos with witty comments, if only I could come up with funnier things like she does! Surely you've heard of the company that picks up your junk for you, right? Okay, must.stop.rambling.NOW! I said I was tired.
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