What a great journaling challenge Anna provided today. I am a therapeutic horseback riding instructor and I hope that......I take the time to listen to difficult speech,
If you persevere, you can be understood.
I hope that I never bid you to "hurry up"
Or take your tasks from you and do them for you.
For you often need time, rather than help.
I hope I stand beside you as you enter new and untried ventures.
I hope I ask for your help.
For your greatest need is to be needed.
I hope I, with a smile encourage you to try once more.
I hope I never remind you
That today you asked the same question twice.
I hope I respect you and love you just as you are.

Some of our students attended a horse show yesterday......it was magical!

Anna Aspnes journal challenge template

Kellie Mize
Sweet Sarah paper pak

the poem was adapted from one I found on the Internet, author unknown.