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The caravan was designed by Axel,
aged 62 and built with his son, Wally
aged 15.

In 1954 they started building the
caravan in Essendon at their factory
which took approximately 10 months
on and off to have it complete in 1955.

Everything was made from scratch,
even the axle. The only items purchased
were the tow bar, sheets of duralumin
and the over ride brakes. The shell was
made of duralumin a light weight but
strong aluminium alloy.

Caravans of that time were rather
small so Axel went about designing
a caravan to accommodate the family
and at the same time the design was
streamlined to minimise wind

The ribs of the caravan came from
an American plane built for the
Second World War. Plane parts were
sent from America to be assembled
in Australia. The project was a
failure as the motors were not big
enough to get the planes off the
ground. The plane parts were then
sold as scrap.

Three generations to date have used
the caravan and modifications have
been made over time. The inclusion
of storage shelves and beds rearranged.

With their families in tow Axel and
Alice traveled from 1955 to 1967.
Son Wally and Barbara from 1967 to
1996 and Grandson Philip and Kristine
from 2007 to present.

The caravan has traveled as far as
Maryborough, Adelaide but mostly
in the State of Victoria.