I took my inspiration directly from Paislee Pressplate No. 8 with some of Katie's bubble brushes and TracyAnn's black and pink papers. I did lots of blending on this one.

Journaling reads:
"This is one of those special times when you were a baby that we got to go spend time with Grampy. He was such a sweet, sweet man with love enough to fill the world and he shared it all with you everytime we saw him. We knew Grampy was sick and wouldn’t be with much longer, and that is why it was so important that we saw him as much as possible. You gave him so much happiness I know he treasured every single minute of time he had with you. June 2002"

It is my goal to go back and complete some pages of dd when she was a baby and document those moments with people who are gone but that we don't ever want to forget.