Hi everyone!

Just a quick one to try to get back in the game. I've been in a rut, it's been over two months since I scrapped with the exception of a couple of thank you cards. When the little guy foiled me, I thought, okay, I have to get this down.

100% DD
Katie Pertiet - Purely Happy Papers recolored, Drawn Stitching, Ad Challenge Freebie
Mindy Terasawa - Lil TroubleMaker Kit
MaryAnn Wise - Frames 4 U

The last few mornings, I’ve come down from my shower to find you at the kitchen table happily munching on candy. Caught by surprise, you quickly tell me “I’m all done Mama”. Now, the candy is well hidden (or so I thought) in the upper shelves of the upper cabinets. Ahh.. but you’re very resourceful. You used a very tall BJ’s package of paper plates as your stool, enabling you to stand on the countertop to reach the forbidden treats.

So last night I collected and hid every last piece of candy. I took a leisurely shower this morning only to come downstairs to find you in a different cabinet, happily chewing away on an entire package of gum! You’re not even allowed to chew gum. After all... you ARE only 2 years old!

Thanks for looking!