DH and me just being silly!!
Journaling is about how it seems like we email or talk on the phone to each other more often than we talk face to face!! Some days it seems like that anyway!
Just had to do something FUN!! DS built me a new computer tower. My old monitor shot craps and all the new ones are wide screen and I don't like how my photos look. They are distorted!!
I also got photo shop elements 6. It makes me feel so stupid. I bought a couple of Cassies awesome tutorials and I get almost finished and something doesn't work...so I had to make a LO in DIP, just for fun!! OOps..sorry for the rant!
Jesse Edwards: Title lines
Ida: “Lullaby” heart
Pattie Knox: City Scapes
Fonts Bulky Refuse Type and 2 Peas Goofball