The last of these whale watching photos!

I had a camera. Tia had a camera. Grandma had a camera. Even Jackie, who never takes photographs, had a camera. Each of us snapped away as we watched the interesting behaviors of the humpback whales on our whale watching tour. I had the advantage though. Even with a short range zoom lens at 105mm I could get closer to the action. The real adantage came because I was using an Single Lens Reflex camera with continuous drive mode. Instead of waiting for the right moment, I could just press down on the shutter button and take a whole sequence of photographs. In the end, I took 86 humpback whale photographs!

Jesse Edwards: Clean and Serene Solids
Jesse Edwards: Indigo Solids
Kelly Mize: Tortuga Template No. 11 (for long, thin photo)
Kelly Mize: Double Dates No. 03 Brushes-n-Stamps
Ali Edward: Title + Journal Photo Overlays No. 01 (for The Story)
MaryAnn Wise: Doubletake Drama