Katie Pertiet:
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Countryside Clusters Brushes-n-Stamps,
Prince Edward kit,
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Create-a-Book Posted No. 2 template (slightly altered).

fonts: Dirty and Classic, 1942 report

"We stopped at the raptor display,
put on by North Mississippi Wild-
Life Rehabilitation. Our homeschool
group had helped build raptor cages
for them many years ago, and it was
great to meet some of the birds that
still reside there. The Barn Owl is
permanently injured as you can see
by his right wing. He will always be
in care, and is very tame. A great representative for
the group's cause. The other two birds are a red-tailed
hawk, who because of two parents with recessive genes
will never actually have a red tail, and a Cooper's
Hawk. Ol' Coop was looking stern and posed immediately
when he saw the camera. The birds were quite tame yet
we were cautioned not to forget that they were still
wild animals, and could not be touched by anyone other
than a trained handler. That was okay by me, but I
know the kids wanted to touch the soft feathers!"

tfl, susan