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We stayed in the hospital for two nights, you were born on Wednesday night, and we went home Friday afternoon. We stayed in our own room, just the two of us, Dad went home to get some sleep and take care of Merlin. I was so excited, I spent almost the whole night holding you and watching you sleep. The nursing staff was wonderful, my giant water bottle was always filled with water and crushed ice, and I had no restrictions which meant I could walk around and order whatever I wanted to eat from the room service menu. I didn’t eat as much as I should have, because our room was full of visitors on Thursday. First your pediatrician visited us, then Aunt Laura stopped by- Halloween is her birthday, too. Next, came Grandma and Grandpa Chodil, followed by a volunteer manicurist who gave me the best foot massage! Our final visitors of the day were Uncle Bob and Aunt Harriet. Your first thirty-six hours were very busy, but you didn’t seem to mind. You slept for most of it.