Pictures of the walk to the nearest village from my inlaws house in Portugal. We all do it so often when over there we dont remember to take pictures of it... until now!
Journaling reads-
Just a short walk from Granny & Grandad’s Villa is the little village of Burgau. Tiny cobbled streets twist up and down steep hills whilst traditional buildings hold both tourist rentals and family homes. The ice cream bar there is a very welcome site after walking along the cliff top in such heat, and the local pizza place popular with my family too. Theres a smart restaurant, a postcard shop, a greengrocer, a newsagent, and its always got its handful of local men in their flat caps sat on a bench watching the world go by! The quickest route to Burgau is along the cliff, on an ever crumbling path that makes my heart pound and my hair turn grey if the children are with us. The road route is just a little longer and the only safe way once its dark. Its a lovely little place with a beach at the bottom of the longest - and steepest!- street.

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