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This wasn’t my first Christmas away from home, I moved away for college almost ten years ago. However, this was my daughter’s first Christmas, and Aunt Missi was in the hospital, and I guess the combination made me feel very nostalgic for those Christmas mornings with my five sisters and Mom and Pat. In years past, Megan and I would stay up late with Mom to wrap gifts. We still write “from Santa” on most of the tags (usually in another language), or you may receive a gift from “Rudy and the Fat Man”. I miss making up lyrics to Christmas songs, singing like the Sweeney Sisters from SNL, and just us girls staking out our own part of the family room to sit and open our stockings before Mom and Pat join us. It was always too rushed, since we all had to go our seperate ways by noon, and there was always an argument, but to me it was always beautiful -even if the photos weren’t.