So often we think of history as something which has only to do with the far-distant past, and can only be witnessed between the covers of a book, but history continues to be written with every passing day, as exemplified by Barack Obama being named the Democratic nominee for President this past week. It was an event which I just had to commemorate with a layout, because, whether or not he ultimately prevails in this year's presidential election, the mere fact that my country has finally evolved to the point where a member of a minority can not only be nominated for the office of President by one of its major political parties but have a legitimate chance of winning, has left me feeling much more optimistic about its future than I have in a long time.


"On Day 3 of its convention in Denver, Colorado, Barack Obama was declared the Democratic party's nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America -- the first time in the country's 232-year history that a member of an ethnic minority has be so-honored by a major political party. (It's about time!)"


Vinnie Pearce – paper, word art, escutcheon (keyhole plate) from "Moments of Special" mini kit

Katie Pertiet – papers from "My Country" mini kit; Scallop Strip Masks; Stamped Stitches No. 3 Brushes-n-Stamps; Vintage Storyboard Frames; Photo Wraps No. 3; Ledger Super Pack Brushes-n-Stamps

Anna Aspnes – FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 6, 12 x 12 Distressed Overlays No. 5

Pattie Knox – StapleIts; Brad Bonanza

(photo from the Obama for America website)


SmallTypeWriting-Medium, Bebete, LD Telegram