I did a very literal lift of Crissy's very sweet You Are, but I just loved the concept. Thanks, Crissy, this was a fun one.

Anna A - Painted Overlays No. 2,
Katie P - Stamped Stitching Holes, Winged Notes_10 (rclrd), Camo Style Blue Kit,
Cabana Blue Paper, Bugs n Dirt Kit, Stiched Notecards, LIAO11 Brushes
Lynn G - Worn Strips No. 3
Jesse E - Oo La La Paper Pack

font - CK Ali's Hand

Journaling "A picture of innocence outside the dojo. But when you get in that room you are quick, respectful, brave, sure, tough and determined. You do it all with a sense of fun. I love the girl you are."