Here is my take on the itunes inspiration challenge on the dd blog.

I used the following dd products:
Classic Black Paper by Katie Pertiet
Avalanche Paper by Anna Aspnes
Double up Stitching by Katie Pertiet
Have a Heart vol 2 by Pattie Knox

Mr.B (Daddy's)
journal (girl)
Goudy Old Style (journaling)

I love to watch these moments between you and your daddy. Everyone said when you were born that you would have your daddy wrapped around your little finger, especially being the first girl after two boys. I also wondered how different daddy would be as a daddy of a daughter. While there are some differences, you certainly don’t have him wrapped around your little finger! He can be just as stern with you as he is with your brothers... and you want him to roughhouse with you just like he does with your brothers... but then there are these moments, when I can see that you truly are daddy's girl.

thanks for looking