My sister got married on Saturday. It is neither the bride nor the groom’s first marriage so it was a low budget wedding...hope my sister doesn't see this. Since there was no professional photographer, guess who became the photographer...nope not me, but anyone and everyone with a camera. So you can imagine how that turned out. Tons of photos with people in places they shouldn't be and photos of people taking photos. I did manage to get some pictures of the couple after the ceremony and some of them came out ok for a non photographer with a point and shoot. I attempted to post 2 of the pictures in the photography thread, as I have seen others do, in order to get help sprucing them up a little bit, as I am not sure I like what I did, but it seems there is a restriction on the file size that I can upload there. I do see something about zipping. Can someone help me? If so how do I get the photo to you. I don’t expect a miracle but any help I could get would definitely be an improvement over anything I’ve done. TFL