My DGD, at an afternoon in the park.

Katie Pertiet: Border Template No. 2,
Tracy Ann Digital Art:
August Lucky Dip,
"Nell" aged papers,
Take Two Transfer Masks,
White paper from August,
Butterflies from August bits,
beaded alpha from Shabby Princess (sandbox),
Fonts are nasty and ck ali's writing,
photo extraction done by me in PSCS3.

All the time my children were growing
up, I wanted to enjoy the perfect moments.
The moments that happen only every now
and again, And I often thought how sad
it would be when those times were no
longer there. When my children were
grown, when they left home, when they
went on to live their own lives fully,
as we wanted them to do. I thought the
perfect moments would be gone, and all
I would have left would be pictures and
memories. I wasn’t expecing to see it
all again when my granddaughter was
born. And I heard myself say the very
things I vowed never to say. “Oh
Tim, she reminds me of you when she
smiles like that!” And it made me
believe that the perfect moments weren’t
gone after all, they were just waiting to
reappear in a cherubic little face again,
...I understand.
tfl, susan