For Debbie's online class. this is about the work I do now. if I have to...;)

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Housework. The absolute downside to staying home to bring up the children. I hate it. Its so very frustrating - the moment I’ve done something, its been undone. And it never ever ends. There are no days off, no finishing time and sick days! Still there are chores I prefer over others... I quite like cooking. Tho I hate trying to plan a menu that pleases everyone {it never does} I dont mind doing the laundry even if it never ends, but I hate the ironing that grows over night. I dont mind the dusting and polishing if it wasnt for those piles of paperwork and stuff that spring up in seconds on any free surface. I do love making things with the girls, and baking with them; its so rewarding. Vacuuming is a thankless task tho dont you think? in ten seconds its all undone... Picking up is my least favourite task, I swear I pick up the same darn toys fifty times a day. Like Groundhog day but messier. Speaking of messy I cant bear teenagers rooms, just so many things, rubbish, washing, JUNK all over the place. Blurgh. I do like having a full fridge.. I feel all Mother hen like, knowing I can provide many meals for my family. Very annoying when they go and eat most of the fridge contents within 3 hours of it being stocked. I cant handle all those school letters, news letters, class forms, invites and lists... I am not super organised so its all a pile of pressure pinned to the fridge. Which we forget a. anyway mostly. Of course I love being at home for the c......children, I am grateful for that part. I’m just trying to get ........them all to pick up and put away for themselves. All the .......while thinking of that quote ‘ cleaning the house whilst the children are still growing is like shoveling snow while its still snowing’. You just know that was thought of by a woman, probably as she cleaned the taps whilst ‘relaxing’ in the bath...