This is a page that was in the July issue of Scrapstreet Magazine. Our own Jorinde is one of the contributors there and she had a very nice article on pets.


All I have to do is say the words, “dog park” and you are jumping up and down, running back and forth to the door urging me to move faster so that we can go. Once we are there you can not get through the gate fast enough. You feel it is your job to entertain the other dogs. You seem to have an agenda. . . First you get all the other dogs to chase you. You know that none of them can run as fast as you or juke as well as you, but you encourage them to keep trying. Then in the middle of the chase you feel the need to help the dogs out who might not have caught the ball on the first try. You quickly “guide” them over to whatever it was they were suppose to fetch and then keep right on going because you now notice that there is a new guest at the gate. They can’t possibly enter without a full throttled greeting from you. When they’ve entered the park and you are satisfied that they’ve had a proper greeting, you then start the activities all over again. You take your social responsibilities seriously and I’m glad that you do. . . You have no idea how many people you make smile and laugh out loud on a daily basis.

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