Katie Pertiet - Destination Garden Paper
Melissa Carlson- photography
Font- Prestige

Journaling: One morning, I looked out my back door and found that their were two fawns laying in the grass under the big tree just 20 feet or so from the house. The mother was grazing beside them, and it was obvious that these babies were not very old. I grabbed my camera, but the minute my hand touched the doorknob, they startled and leapt into the nearby woods. For about a week I watched them twice a day graze and play in the yard but could not get out the door to capture photos of them. Finally, I decided to just take the photos through the window in the door. Believe it or not, the mother heard my camera and looked right at me standing there inside the door. I got several great shots, but she soon took her babies into the woods, and has not returned to the open yard since. I see them passing through the wooded area behind the house from time to time. I have mixed feelings of being grateful that I got the photos when I did, and sad that I may have caused them to feel that my yard was unsafe.