As we are not having much of a summer weatherwise here I'm reduced to looking at old family holiday photographs and trying to imagine hot sun...! Although I HATED wearing the same outfits as my sisters at the time they sure are funny to look back on now...if only I had one of us when we all had to wear...PVC trouser suits WITH matching hats. I can still hear the squeaking sound they made when we walked now...LOL!



Designer Digitals
Spot Dots Paper No7 (used with Little Dreamers Leora Sanfords Frayed fabric Template), Sanded Overlay, and Digitally Pressed Petals (re-coloured all Katie Pertiet). Beach title - Meadow Rd Alpha by Kellie Mize. Glitter - P Know shimmer me Tidbits. A Aspnes Freuling Stitching holes (re-coloured blue).

Chirpi (all by Victoria Greenlees)
Background paper from Moroccan Sunset Kit. Strip of wood (text erased) from Polka Dot Bikini Kit. Raffia flower from Tutti Frutti Kit.

Staples from Vinnie Pearce's Freebie Kit - I live for moments like these.

Funky Playground
Yellow tag from Anne Made Paper Pieces - Stitched Stuff

Stencil, CK Ali's Writing and Kingthings Typewriter