Katie Pertiet: Chunky Chipboard Black alpha and Stamped Stitches No. 1 brushes n stamps,
Anna Aspnes: Curled Paper Edges No. 4 and Chunky Torn Edge,

Tracy Ann Digital Art: Journal Stacks,
Embossed Papers 1 (slightly recolored),
Embossed Papers 2,
My Frames,
Tadoodles Buttons (for "o"),
plant from Rivendell bits,
Folded Notes,
font is ck ali's writing.

journaling reads:
"Nothing goes better with a bowl of
breakfast cereal than a good book,
shared with a brother.

You both laugh over the pictures on the
pages, and you get along together
quite well, for the first and only time
that day. Oh well, it was rather nice
while it lasted."

tfl, susan