Well I've never made 2 pages in 1 week before! Woohoo! Smile
This photo always makes me laugh - my girls really look like they're having an 'in-depth' discussion about their dirty bits!
You wouldn't believe how many ways I've tried scrapping this photo - nothing worked - but I'm pretty pleased with this one. TFL

Journalling reads:
You two are 18 months old here and this is the first time you ever got REALLY dirty!
You’re both SO intently inspecting Sophie’s dirty bits, I’d SO love to know what you were saying to each other!

Anna Aspnes: Weatherd Neutrals - Ice; MonoBlendz Woodsey7 (clipped to Katie Pertiets CanvasTagMask); Mama PageSet - Staples

PaisleePress: Presslines2 WordArt; TwiggyL - Ink Blot

SS Whimsey & CK Ali's Writing

I used lightroom to brighten the colours of the photo.