Katie Pertiet: threaded overlay from Letter Box Bird Watcher kit,
Tracy Ann Digital Art:
Trek kit,
heart from Yarra alpha, word titles and gear circles from Snippets 1 and 2, photo mat from Growing Up, Ribbon Clusters 2, frame from Flighty kit,
title alpha by Shabby Princess (sandbox kit),
fonts are teletype and texas hero.

The thing about taking young children out
in public is that they get to be the ones
to decide just how and when you get to be
embarassed. The nicest days suddenly turn
cloudy, with angry squalls and storms, when
things don’t quite go their way. If only there
was a bit of warning. For the brother that
was just following orders to “bring your
little brother over here” it can be the most
confusing when just trying to follow orders.

Gideon, you always picked the worst
times to be stubborn. Good thing
we love you no matter what. June 2006

“Time has a way of demonstrating that the
most stubborn are the most intelligent”
~ Yevgeny Yevtushenko

tfl, susan