Does anyone else feel like this sometimes?

Calcium: Got milk? The doctor asks on the girls yearly exam, “Are they getting enough calcium?” No is the standard answer. They hate milk, dairy products and calcium substitutes. What is a mom to do? Stand by and watch in the girls later years to see osteoarthritis and brittle bones? Your father and I love milk! Why the change in the genes? Just on in a million things I’m failing at miserably. Shoe Tying: I taught Mary the easy way to tie shoes. She’s still on this technique and cannot comprehend the quicker easier way. Meanwhile, Annie at 7 cannot tie at all. It’s so much simpler for me to tie their shoes. I grow impatient. I’m quicker and it’s done correctly. No shoe laces come untied. But it’s still a task incomplete and I’m embarrassed by this fact. Another thing I’m failing at. (Did I just end that sentence with a preposition? UGH! I’m failing at that too!) Math: Mary struggles with geometry. Just like her mom. How am I supposed to help when I can hardly explain it myself? Meanwhile Annie is on the middle-low range in her class for addition. This summer I should have worked with her more. I use to take flashcards with us to Dr. appointments while we waited. Now as summer break is near the end, we’ve forgotten to practice more. I know when you get evaluated for 2nd grad there will be no improvement. Just another thing I’m failing at miserably. Floss: Then there’s the dentist asking do the girls floss frequently? I give a half-hearted smile and say “yes”, knowing in my better judgment she knows differently. Then my kind-hearted, honest and truthful kids say, “No we don’t Mommy.” DRAT! The truth is I’m lazy. One more thing to do in the evening when I’m tired. My kids hardly have any eye to hand co-ordination. I grow impatient with the task. “Let’s skip it tonight.” One night won’t hurt, and neither will the next or the next. Until the next visit when there is a dozen cavities. Once again, I’m failing miserably. Will this evil cycle ever end?


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