For the Everday Moments challenge on the TADA blog.

Tracy Ann Digital Art: August papers,
August bits,
Paper Mates 1,
Bubble Wrap Bits,
fonts are Gubber, Miss Brooks, Musketeer and LD Type Keys White.

Gideon was quite taken by Isaiah’s bubble gun,
and begged him to play with it. Isaiah said he
could play with it “later.” Gideon waited patiently
and it finally paid off, and he made the most of
his time. He even filled up the dish with the soap
mixture, and was fascinated by how it all worked,
at times taking more insterest in the science of it than
just playing with it. When Isaiah asked for his toy
back, Gideon said “But I can have one for my birf-day,
right mommy?” Sure you can, little man. Sure you can.

tfl, susan