Memories from a trip to France a few years back.

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fonts - CK Ali and French script.
We are having so much fun on our visit to Grenoble, France. Well, I am probably having
more fun than Dave. He’s in training classes every day. We eat breakfast together in the hotel, and then he goes to class while I go explore this cute little city. I rode the cable cars (”Le Bulles”) up the mountain to visit The Bastille - some ancient fortifications overlooking the city. I don’t speak any French, so it’s been interesting trying to get around and especially funny when I try to buy anything. I love the beautiful scenery, the yummy food, riding the street cars, having a relaxing break from my busy life at home. I spent one full afternoon in the hotel room reading a book (Circle of Friends). Much thanks goes to our parents for watching our 3 kids back home. Merci!