second assignment for Dig in Deep (Jessica Sprague class)

paper: Jungle Cruise by Kellie Mize, Carefree Summer and Bracketed Papers paper packs by Katie Pertiet, Weathered Neutrals by Anna Aspnes (all at
embellished chain: Retreat Street kit by Dora’s Designs (
brushes: Sketchbook Pencils by Thao Cosgrove (scrapgirls), Guidelines by Mary Ann Wise (
fiber: Hemp Tie by Katie Pertiet (
overlay: from Spiced Jewels kit by Anna Aspnes (
corner rounder: Rounded Korner Kutter Brush Set by Anna Aspnes (
font: Bleeding Cowboy, Prissy Frat Boy

journaling: Oh, my, does Matthew love to ride on Kali River Rapids! The more soaked he and those around him get, the louder he giggles. (Or perhaps “cackles” would be a more accurate term.) We no sooner got off the ride that he’d turn right back into the return line to go again. He’s ridden it so many times that he *knows* if you go down the hill and your seat is down (your back to the direction of travel) that YOU are fated to ride directly under the waterfall - maximum soakage! Animal Kingdom, WaltDisneyWorld, February 2008.

phrase on tag: do it again!