For the "guilty pleasure" challenge on the TADA girls blog.

Tracy Ann Digital Art: July Lucky Dip,
Trek kit,
some elements from Barefoot,
"or" word from Bluebird Letters & Numbers,
fonts are ck ali's writing, and brody.

journaling on Lucky Charms side:
Yes, I am shallow enough to be drawn to the
bright colors and flashy packaging. You just
know those little marshmallows will melt in
your mouth, and the crunchy bits provide the
perfect complement. I’m pretty sure that the
box also promises me an hourglass figure too.
How can you go wrong with such a pretty cereal?

journaling on Fiber One side:
I’m not sure what marketing exec
thought this would be a good name for
a cereal, but I suppose it gets the point
across. Usually my dull, sensible side kicks
in and I reluctantly bypass the flashy,
sweetened ambrosia for something I know I
should be eating. Life is full of “have-to’s”
and once you reach a certain age, you need
to make mature decisions.
Truly, youth is wasted on the young.

tfl, susan