In a family of 10, this is my job:

Journaling reads:
I am the crier
I cried at the dinner table when I was in trouble.
I cried on the first, and last, day of Kindergarten.
I cried whenever I had to go to the doctor.
I cried every day for the first two weeks of middle school.
I cried when I had to move out of the only house I knew.
I cried when I had to move into a strange new house.
I cried when I realized most boys I dated didn't share my dreams.
I cried when cars didn't work right.
I cried when my dad couldn't disk because it was too bumpy.
I cried when I saw my mom cry.
I cried when I went off to college.
And I cried every Sunday night I had to drive back there.
I cried when people were rude to me at work.
I cried when I realized people were not always honest.
I didn't cry at my wedding, but I did cry every day the week leading up to.
I cried when I didn't get a job.
I cried when I did get a job.
I cried when I met our first child.
I cried when I realized I was a parent, the mean kind.
I cried when I left friends, and made new ones.
I cried when my uterus was laying on the delivery table.
I cried when I didn't have the strength to hold my baby boy.

And I'm still crying...
I cry when I'm sick, tired, or just fed-up.
I cry when I realize this is all going so fast.
I cry when I think about how blessed I am.

And I hate crying.

Then someone told me "Tears are what make rainbows."

And I love rainbows.

So maybe I found it, the rainbow connection. Maybe this is why I've been gifted with tears. Because there is always a beautiful promise to follow. And the fact that my dad helped me take this picture when I was 8, makes me cry some more.

Picture taken mid 1980's; journaled 2008

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