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When I was a cashier at a local super store, I had a conversation with a customer that gave me some insight into a lot of young adults’ minds. We talked as I rung her up and we got around to the fact that she had always done the shopping for her now 24 year old son!

The conversation went on, for just a little while – I had to fight the urge to say something smart aleky. She was telling me how her son was just too tired after working all day to go out shopping so she did it for him. She told me that she still did his laundry!!

It was a big shock to me. I was one of five living in a single parent household. We all grew up doing our own laundry and cooking for the entire family. Being domestically challenged was never an option.

I can completely understand wanting to help your kids, but where do you draw the line? I didn’t find out the details of why this caring mother did so much for her son, but I just thought about mine - not knowing how to function on their own once they were 24. I’ve overheard people talking about how lots of young married wives don’t know how to cook! What about the husbands?! Why is it always left to the wives? All I know is Cole may not want to whip up a meal, but at least he’ll know how!