Well, figured I had to start working on some pictures I took when I went to my first chemo treatment. I had a biopsy of lung, was positive, but in Stage 1B. Nothing in lymph node, only 2 cm, in membrane, but hadn't punctured out of membrane. Was in top right lobe (learned there are 3 lobes on right and 2 lobes on left and when one is removed, others expand to fill the empty space)! So basically, I am "cured" and the chemo is just to improve chances of not coming back 5-10%. I will take all the extra help there is! LOL! Sure played havoc on my creating mojo tho! Scrapping pictures of my grandson, Mack, helped!

Kellie's tortuga template 5 got my going - just changed the wander to wonder using her web challenge alpha freebie from 091607!
Used Katie's Research Laboratory overlay _2 - just the right desplay for lungs! LOL
And of course had to put Mindy's monster munchers paper and dot border on the page to add some more karma!
So see all my friends at DD are helping me get through this chemo. A huge heartfelt thanks to you all!