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Yeah, I’m 54. And, funny thing...I was born in ‘54! *smiley face* But there’s more... I’ve lost weight. Alot of weight. In fact, I’ve almost lost my age in pounds! Today, right now... I’m 54 years old and I’ve almost lost 54 pounds! Only 4.1 pounds to go to reach 54. Yep, I’m 50.8 pounds lighter and still losing! I’m amazed sometimes... when I really think about it... at the shear amount of weight I’ve lost. I mean, really... how could I ever really be that heavy? How could I have gained that much extra weight? 25-30 pounds maybe, but more than 50? Yikes... that’s scary. Actually, it was quite humbling... and really embarrasing. I didn’t tell a soul how much I actually weighed. I had totally lost control of my weight over the past couple of years and I just didn’t really want to admit that. To anyone. But, in March ‘08, at the urging of my sister (and a truly honest look in the mirror!), I joined Weight Watchers... again. I told everyone my goal was to lose 40 pounds, but I knew I really needed to lose more than that. It’s just that 40 pounds didn’t sound so daunting... hey, I had lost 30 pounds 15 years ago, so 40 wasn’t that much more, right? It was doable. And, it didn’t make me feel... well... fat. So, I started with that goal in mind, knowing, though, that I would lose more! Yep, I would lose 50+ pounds. And, here I am... 18 weeks later. And closing in on my NEW goal: To lose at least my age in weight! Lose 54 pounds. In the end, I may lose more, but for now “54 at 54” has a nice ring to it... it just sounds kinda cool, doesn’t it? I think it’s the perfect goal, don’t you? *smiley face*

Template: MultiFoto Single Layered Template No 02
Brush: US of A BrushSet
Papers: Lucky One supplement paper pack
Epoxies: Epoxy Extravaganza Squared-Assorted Page Accents

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi