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Sometimes I feel like a puppet, being pulled this way and that
by everyone else’s schedules and expectations. As the
pastor’s wife, be at every fellowship dinner. Be at every
Family Ministry meeting. Take over as pianist, choir director,
Sunday School teacher or VBS director if someone else can’t be there. Need a leader for the school’s parent association? Go to Tracy. How about a physics teacher, computer teacher, or yearbook editor? Go to Tracy. And let’s not forget about the kids -- school activities,sports, playdates. Just when I start feeling sorry for myself, God thumps me on the head, saying,“Would you like to be a person NO ONE depends on or comes to?” The truthful answer? “No” because I depend upon them, too. Like Pinocchio, I realize “There are no strings on me.”
God has richly blessed me with a fabulous family, a loving congregation, and a marvelous circle of friends.
And it dawns on me -- it may seem like puppet strings
at times, but it is heartstrings always.

Mailroom paper, Cabana white paper, tie fasteners, alpha -- Katie Pertiet
Flourish brush, wood paper, stitched frame -- Anna Aspnes
Puppet tutorial -- Creative Photoshop magazine