Tracy Ann Digital Art: TADA templates,
paper, tree and alpha from Bluebird Alphabet,
Birds One brushes,
paper alpha by Shelleyrae, from July grab bag.

these flighty little guys are up before anyone else in the
morning, so we are treated to their antics during breakfast.
We set up their feeders right outside the kitchen window,
and sometimes they are frightened off by sudden movements
if we sit too close to the window. But as fast as they zoom
off, they are back again, zipping here and there, fighting
for the “best spot” at the feeder and mercilessly defending
what they perceive as their own territory. Any thought as to
these delightful creatures being sweet and gentle goes right
out the proverbial window when you see them dive at each
other, with a thrust and parry rivaled only by the most
experienced fencers.
~summertime in the mid-south~

tfl, susan