Tracy Ann Digital Art: TADA templates set 2,

Striped Alpha,

Scrappy 2 papers,

TADA splatter brushes,

cream paper and butterfly from "Flighty" kit,

LCO asian tranquility elements,

font is daily birdie.


Our zoo added a new section to house the

Giant pandas and some other animals that

were indigenous to China. The pagoda entrance

was enchanting, as were all the Asian arti-

facts inside.

Since the pandas slept so much of the day

away, it wasn’t easy to find them up and

about. We did luck out and found one of

the big guys ready for a snack. The children

were delighted to see the big fellow and

wanted him to do tricks. I think he was

doing all the tricks he knew, eating,

sleeping, and sitting up for a picture.

tfl, susan