A layout of my little niece. My sister was babysitting that evening. TFL

Journaling says:

Retta sent me this image of KK. Then we had a text conversation about our little niece KK.

Retta: KK is mad at me for not giving her soda.

Me: For heaven sakes...give her water down soda. Once cup water and a spoon of soda. She will never notice the difference.

Retta: hahah...she was pissed at me...it was funny....I had to give her soda.

Me: she is only small once...give her some...hahah..her baby teeth will fall out anyways...lol

Retta: Lol


Paper - Katie Pertiet

Paper block - Anne Langpap

Journal Paper - Lynn Grieveson

Frame - Holliewood

Stitches - Lisa Whitney

Eyelet - Pattie Knox

Glitter Splatz - Vicki Stegall

Heart - Pattie Knox

Alpha Title - Vicki Stegall

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