Our two oldest DDs on the Korea Motherland Tour last year.


Tracy Ann Digital Art: Stacks Pink,

Pewter Alphabet, tree branch from Verde (this kit was also in the June Lucky Dip).

fonts are Japanese Brush and LD Olympia Portable.


Baewha Women's College, South Korea, 2007

The Special Tea Rite, or “Darye” as it is called in

Korea, is a solemn occasion, with the tea typically

being served by the oldest daughter. Stoneware used

to the most common material used for the tea set, but

today it is usually served in ceramic. Green tea,

“chaksol” or “chugno,” is the most often served tea.

Other teas such as native chrysantehmum, persimmon

leaf, or mugwort tea may be served at different

times of the year.

tfl, susan