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Journaling reads:
Castle Name: Burg Eltz
Date of Visit: July 10, 2006
Location: Münstermaifeld, Germany
Brief History: Burg Eltz was first mentioned in 1157. Over the next 500 years buildings and fortifications were added to the castle. Burg Eltz was only attacked once and never taken. During the 17th century, when the French destroyed many of the west German castles, Burg Eltz survived thanks to Hans Anton zu Eltz-Üttingen who served in the upper ranks of the French army and managed to protect the castle. Burg Eltz has remained in the possession of the Eltz family for over 800 years (33 generations) and is the best preserved castle in Germany.
Best Part: Most of the castles we visit are ruins, but Burg Eltz is still intact. It was like visiting a fairy tale palace. The castle is surrounded by tree covered hills and a river. The local towns are invisible. You can pretend that you’ve been transported back to the Middle Ages. It’s quite a magical place. Ginny, Jack and I visited this castle with our friends from Indianapolis, Charles and Patricia.

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