paper: Gone to the Dogs kit by Pattie Knox, Timeworn paper pack by Dana Zarling, Notebook No. 2 paper pack by Katie Pertiet
Overlay: Peek a Boo I See You Overlays – Kraft by Pattie Knox
T-pin: Little Folded Ribbon Bits by Pattie Knox
pointers: Point It Out by Kellie Mize
tag: iLookUp kit by Katie Pertiet
brush: Home Sweet Home brush from Homage kit by Anna Aspnes
labels (one recolored): Journaling Spots and Strips by Lynn Grievson
staples: Staple Its by Pattie Knox
paper clip: Ad Challenge Freebie 12-2-07 by Lynn Grievson
mask: Torn N Tattered Templates No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
alpha: Transparent Tweeds by Jesse Edwards
cross stitches: Botanist No. 13 kit by Katie Pertiet
fonts:Old Newspaper Font, CK Ali’s Writing, Georgia

Paul Gleavy (my dad), Tony Nasuti (their sister Mary Ellen’s husband), and Jack Gleavy (my uncle) doing dishes - apparently a very rare event. I love the rebellious look on my dad’s face, and the stoic acceptance on Tony’s. When I was growing up, Uncle Jack always wore a plaid shirt. Nana’s dining room is visible through the doorway - my folks inherited that dining room set after my grandparents passed.
George and Helen Gleavy’s House, River Street, Hyde Park, MA

No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes.
When you complain about doing the dishes, you usually get stuck doing them more often.
You’ve got to love a man with dishpan hands.

I cannot believe they made me wear this apron.
OK, men, I’m going in.
I’ll bet no one ever made James Dean do the dishes.