Many contributed to the making of this lo. LOL. This lo is a scraplift of Sarah's Miss Personality lo which I fell in love with.
I also used tips from Cassie Jones How'd They Do that tut- Offset Stamping to do the title!

This is yet another monthly update...which I also can't seem to stop doing!

Paper: KPertiet Engraved Birds 9 and LGrieveson Maddie 5
Overlay: AASPnes 12x12 painted Overlay
Frames: KPertiet Photobooth Frames
Stitch: KPertiet Flossy Stitches
Flowers: LGrieveson- all my love flower and Mterasawa Stitches and flowers
Title: PKnox Be Mine Felt Alpha Cream and KPertiet Messy Stamped Alpha No 2 Brushes

and of course..KPertiet Drop Shadow Styles.