just for fun, i used 22 snowflakes (including the 8 on Kellie's template).

paper: Snowy Serenade by Dana Zarling
snowflakes: Grunge Factor Flakes by Dana Zarling
mask: 4x6 Photo Templates by Kellie Mize
swirl: Hipster Plumes No. 8 by Anna Aspnes
alpha: Sea Salt Alpha by Katie Pertiet
font: Georgia

journaling: Predicted: three inches. Actual: twenty two inches.

Now, this would not be a problem in the northeast, or Colorado, or the upper Midwest. But this is central North Carolina. Where schools are closed for ONE inch of snow. Where, when a storm is predicted, there is a run on the grocery stores for bread and milk. (Why, I don’t know. If I’m going to be trapped at home I want wine and chocolate about.) Where the phrase “plowing the major roads” means the interstate. Where they don’t know what snow shovels are, and use garden shovels to shovel snow. (And you should see the northern transplants laughing over that one!) Where this storm resulted in most businesses being closed for a week, and most schools being closed for at least two weeks.

January, 2000. Picture of my house in Holly Springs, taken by the neighbor across the street, a day or two after the storm.