Katie Pertiet’s Web Challenge for week of 6-22-08
Katie’s paper for the challenge & Postmarked Holidays Stamp & StampIt
Kellie Mize’s Photo Fades
Fonts: Planter & Goudy Old Style
When you were in the cooperative nursery school, Cindy admired you greatly because you could whistle, use all the tools on the work bench, and climb to the top of the A-Frame. You seemed to enjoy her attention. When it was my turn to work, you didn’t want her to sit next to me during story time and pushed her away. You were quite a legend at our church. Pastor Sandberg often asked you to come to Sunday School early to fix the record player. You and two other little boys in your Sunday School class were quite mischievous. When Christmas came, the three of you were cast as the Three Wise Men in the Sunday School pageant. Everyone called you the Three Wise Guys. Dad and I made the crown you are wearing. As you walked down the aisle, I was dismayed when I realized that you were wearing a medieval crown, which was historically inaccurate. Dad did not consider that to be an issue. As you often remind me, parenting you may have been difficult, but it was a lot of fun.